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Starnik's Journal of AMAZEMENT
The Life and Times of a Dull Person
Hit me baby one more time 
7th-Oct-2010 04:11 pm
Angry Doom - Starnik
So, my laptop's battery died while taking notes in class. So I set up an appointment with the Apple Store to have it looked at, but while driving out to the store my car overheated and broke down. I had forgotten my cell phone, so I had to hike towards a church and borrow theirs to call an auto shop for their tow-trucking service. They towed it to the auto dealership about two blocks away for $68, and the auto shop said they'd have to hold it overnight before they could look at it. I ended up having to call a cab service to drive me back to school when I realized my apartment key was still on the keychain I left with the auto store, so I had to pay to borrow a duplicate from the front desk and unlock my room. My computer is still borked, though it works as long as I keep it plugged in (guess I'm going pencil and paper for note taking tomorrow!).

Shitty day.
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